Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Surgication coming to an end

Even though I don't get the all clear til the end of the month I can drive – blah why did I let anyone become privy to this information Smile with tongue out
because you know what that means----
I have to pull my lazy butt out of bed tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to take my little angel to school....
I Don't Wanna Crying face
I think I feel a pain coming on.
It’s to cold out for my fragile self to be out driving around. Yep that’s it.
I need a Jennysitter to spend the night and take Bub for me.   Mom, Amy….anyone

**Totally jinxed myself.  About 2 hours after I posted this I started to have really bad pain and nausea..Ughh**


  1. Oh MY WORD!

    Go on, you can do it. I promise...

    Open one eye, then the other.

    Roll out of the bed.

    Put on some clothes, or not.

    Put one foot into a slipper, then the other.

    Drink a few sips of coffee.

    Open the garage door then the car door.

    Don't forget to crank the car, then put it into reverse.

    Now drive.


    Swing through the school parking lot and drop the youngin off.

    Come and then take a nap!

    You'll deserve one by the time you get all that done!


  2. LOL yes I will. I think I have jinxed myself because I have been nauseous and my side is hurting pretty bad this afternoon :S

  3. ughh...i know the feeling. after surgery and driving kids around don't mix well. i recall having to do that several years back. hang in there...and move slow.