Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Resolve or not

I know I am late to the party on this one, but I am putting out there anyway.  Did you make a New Year's Resolution?

I have been reading around the blogosphere and some do, some don't and some think the whole thing is silly.  I for one kind of lean toward the whole thing is silly.

I kinda feel the word Resolution is setting you up for failure because of the huge amount of pressure you put on yourself.  The word goal seems like it would not be as much pressure.  Or maybe I will  just go with the flow and just see what life throws at me.

Yeah I like that idea.  Cause you know what they say "If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans."

I told my sis-n-law Patrice that I am just hoping that 2012 is the year of feeling better and doing better.  Yep that pretty much sums up my goals for the year & I will also be living by this motto my friend Diane posted on FB the other day

And live by all things Maxine Winking smile
Have a great 2012 my blog friends.

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  1. Great post!! I just want to feel better this year, physically and mentally! A goal that I will work towards!! Might not be there 100% but will be there more than I am today! :o)