Sunday, March 8, 2015

Banana Pancakes

Since the dogs don't know what daylight savings time is I was up at 7 (or 6 if it was yesterday...sigh).

At 10 everyone was still snoozing so I decided to try a new pancake recipe I pinned last week.

(Click ↑ if you want the recipe)

First off I love their blog and have been following them for a very long time. 

They make the most delicious stuff and their pictures always lure me in.

The prep work was easy peasy so even a new cook could prepare these.

As I was making and sampling them I was thinking these would be perfect cold as a snack with some nutella spread on top and some fresh bananas. Mmmmmm Yum!!!

And I think the base pancake recipe would be fabulous to make without the bananas as well but I also think I might try mooshing up a cup of apple pie filling to replace the bananas next time and see how that tastes. 

Definitely check out the recipe it is worth it.

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