Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Randomness


These two have been frequenting our yard a lot lately.

The hawk even ran into our window the other day going after a bug or something and scared the bejesus out of me. I wish I could get a better picture but he always flies off when I get my good camera out. Confused smile


This little cardinal is so stinkin’ cute. He especially likes to sit in our big magnolia.

red bird


Our Bradford Pears are blooming and my Japanese Magnolia is filling out really pretty this year and we have our first bloom.


japanese magnolia 1


Our windows have been open more and Matilda could not be happier.


She loves to smell the fresh and to feel like she is a part of our outside activities.



The guys spent most of Sunday playing wiffle ball in the beautiful weather to help Bub practice for a youth group competition with another church.



Excuse our weeds we are fighting the good fight right now with them and we will win…Rolling on the floor laughing


I love it when it is in the 70’s and there is a nice breeze. I wish it would stay this way but our spring usually lasts maybe a month and then it’s so hot you can’t go outside unless you are going straight to the pool.

Happy Monday! Sun

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