Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blog Slacker

Dang I have not blogged in almost a month Confused smile!!!

My excuse is the end of April and all of May are always a busy time at school with different events so I am either up there or running around like a  mad woman trying to get stuff done in between.

Here are just a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Lots of Starbucks. The new Smore’s Frappe is soooo good. I don’t get whip on top cause I think  it is overkill and I get the low fat version so I don’t feel so guilty for drinking so much of it LOL!! Rolling on the floor laughing


Also lots of Target shopping of course ↑ notice the red bag behind the Starbucks!!


Game nights. I need to get some more family games but I can’t find any I like that much.



We went to the zoo on one of the nice cooler days. Those days are long gone I am afraid. We went from spring to hotter then hades in one day. Crying faceSunCrying face



The animals have been doing what they do best. Beg for food and sleep. Sleepy smile


Oh and breaking out in their summer rash…..Ughhh.


We are keeping Matt inside more hoping to avoid prednisone this year but I think it is unavoidable. Gave him Benadryl  only to find out very quickly that something was not right. Turns out the one I bought had red dye in it and he is allergic so double Ughhhhhh. Switched him to Claritin daily and he still is itchy but better. Bad thing is every time he comes in contact with the grass or the heat the rash comes back so he is indoor more then out for now.

Oh and Ginger has glaucoma now in her “good” eye so we have been dealing with that too. Animals…always something but I love my fur babies.



Celebrated Mother’s Day! Such a fun day!!!

Mothers day collage 1


Went to a Luncheon for fundraiser opportunities for the school.



Helping with a school play at my son’s old elementary.


That is all you get to see cause it is highly top secret. Muhahahaha!! Winking smile


Oh and the best news ever. Went to my son’s ortho appointment thinking he was getting a refinement to his treatment and his Orthodontist said nope he is done. Woohoo no more invisalign.


The tech said no ever does the happy/celebration dance with her around the office and Bub being the good sport was like well I will. smiley dancing


I hope it does not take me another month to blog but if I am not back til the beginning of June forgive me it’s a busy month! Open-mouthed smile

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