Wednesday, June 3, 2015

30 Day Shred

So it is the first day of summer vacation and what am I doing??

Letting this woman kick my booty that's what!!

Please excuse how hideous I look!  I was about to die people...cut me some slack LOL ;)

What was I thinking? Oh I know I am sick of my flabby self and want my old body back is what I was thinking!

I have to modify some of the moves because of my back but only like two the rest I did with little issue and I am doing the low impact lady as well cause I don't want to undo everything the chiropractor has done over the last three years! 

But dang you sweat and feel it immediately no matter what lady you follow! It is intense and no breaks. Well when an elderly boston terrier keeps needing potty breaks I guess you have to take a break and pause Jillian, but I walked in place at the door til she was done! 

Tilda wanted to "workout" with Mommy as well! LOL Tilda I think your doing it wrong ;)

I also bought a couple other videos at movie stop to try after this one so I don't get bored! Bub might join me for the Billy Bootcamp!!

And since it is the end of Jr High today and Bub was "cough, cough" sick!
 Here is Bub from Kindergarten, 6th grade graduation, First day of 7th and 8th grade and then yesterday at my nephews 6th grade graduation!

His baby face is gone and he looks like such a young man now ← insert sad Mom face! Stop Growing Child!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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