Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I almost forgot to show ya’ll what I was doing for the better part of May!

I have volunteered every year since I think 3rd grade in Mrs. Nabors speech and learning impaired class at my son’s old elementary school.

My friend Staci asked me if I would help way back then and I have done it ever since even though my son is going into HS next year! Crying face ←That has not sunk in yet….sighSad smile

Anyway I digress…

Here is all the lovely ladies I work with! They are all fabulous and we literally scramble til the very last second to pull this all together.

I showed ya’ll at little snippet a couple weeks ago cause it is all very hush hush til our very last play when the parents come and have a luncheon and see the play.

But here is the finished Teepee I was working on! NAILED IT Hot smile!!!

I ended up making two and I think it turned out pretty cool.

The kids made dream catchers that we hung on the papered walls! This was the beginning of the hanging and setting up. (Those papered walls can be a challenge sometimes!! Definitely a two person project!!)

Mrs. Lori and Mrs. Carol built this cool Paublo village that they attached to the set so we could do scene changes by flipping the panels.

Here is our luncheon menu and program:

 I wish I could show you all the pictures with the kids but for privacy’s sake I can not. But they were fabulous!!!

Until next year…..Rolling on the floor laughing