Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back Is Still Out

Been a bit MIA from my blog.

My back is still jacked so there has been lots of Doctor appointments and I had a MRI to confirm just how jacked it was! Sarcastic smile

So now I wait to see a Neurosurgeon ← said with lots of sarcasm. They can’t see me til the end of the month so I am uber thrilled about that.

In the meantime I do a lot of sitting on the couch and being tortured by this thing. ↓


and stretching my back with my little helper! Who almost sits on me every time! He likes to be super close to Momma when I do my  floor exercises.


Excuse the grey’s in this picture. They have since been fixed LOL!! Nyah-Nyah

I am still keeping up my dogatarty/catatary duties on the Bell Fur Zoo though since I am on my computer a lot out of sheer boredom and it is still  raining a lot here so I am with them 24/7 and they are the only thing I can take pictures of!

Fur Zoo Side Square

Hopefully this week I will get out of the house some since my sis-n-law and nephew are in town!

Happy Tuesday!!!Red lips


  1. Aww girl I hope you get better soon. I watched a weird movie on Netflix called Restless Virgins (it's a Lifetime movie lol) if you get bored check it out! Also, I just watched Lucy on Cinemax and it was interesting. And check out "Luckiest Girl Alive" for reading. It's a crazy book! xxxoo