Monday, September 12, 2016

Birthday Swag

I swear if you are not signed up for beauty rewards with Sephora & Ulta you should be cause they give out some pretty great gifts for your birthday.

Ulta’s gift right now is a full size Urban Decay midnight cowboy and that is all I thought I was getting and then the girl behind the counter was like oh you get a sexyhair hairspray as well. SCORE!!smiley dancing


Sephora’s was a Marc Jacobs liner and lipstick, but since I ordered it online with my Sephora flash (if you have this you know how dangerous it isWinking smile) I got samples, 100 point perk Nars lip pencil and an offer they were running to try the new Urban Decay all nighter liquid foundation. The only thing I paid for was my Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder.

IMG_4853 (Edited)IMG_4858

I mean who doesn’t want free product on your birthday!!

Happy MondayRed lips


  1. Haha, I didn't even bother getting my birthday gift! I guess I should!

    1. Oh no yeah it was some good stuff this year. I wish Ulta let you get it online cause that would be way more convenient..cause I am lazy and all ;)