Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wordy Wednesday-Birthday Wrap Ups

40th Birthday Selfie


40th Birthday Festivities (My sister’s birthday is the day after mine so we have always had our birthday parties together. We are 1 year and 364  days apart.) Birthday cake


40th birthday

family 40th pic

We were not ready for the pic but my parents were…...LOL

mom dad me and amy


Had a brief pause in the festivities in between mine/my sisters birthday & Bub’s to remember two friends who passed. My friend Melissa who recently passed away from cancer and my best friend that passed away in 2007. Please be in prayer for both families. It never gets easier when we loose a loved one.


And of course my Ginger who would have been 15 this year. Her birthday is the day before Bub’s. I still miss her like crazy. Sad smile

angel ginger-1


Bub’s 16th birthday day and party.Party smile


We went to his favorite museum with my parents.

Caleb with gram & pap

Caleb in front of caveCaleb being a goof

Me & Caleb

Then had a party for him the following Saturday.

presents 2presents 3

presentspresents 1


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