Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Watcha Cookin’ Mississippi Roast

I got this recipe for Mississippi Roast from Berge Central’s blog who got the recipe from Laurie’s Life’s blog.

It could be the easiest thing I have ever made and it tasted so good and went so fast that I only got pics of the left overs. You have too make this!!

Place one tender chuck roast in crock pot.

Cover with Hidden Valley Ranch Packet or homemade. (I use the dry portion of this recipe Ranch Seasoning.)

Cover with Packet of McCormick Aus Jus mix packet or brown gravy mix packet.

Place a stick of butter on top of all of that. (I slice mine into pieces and lay it on top)

Place 4-5 Pepperoncini peppers on top.

Let Cook on low for 8 hours.

We shredded it up and ate in with Garlie Naan bread. It was sooo good!!!


I have also made this with a pork butt it just needs to cook like 9 hours or until the meat is 190 degrees so you can make pulled pork sandwiches.

Watcha Cookin’? smiley hungry

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