Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Watcha Cookin’

I know I did a chicken n dumplings recipe last week but my son wanted me to make it again but this time the creamy version he wanted the basic cracker barrel copycat version.


I found this on

I changed a couple things like I always do.

Instead of 2 quarts of water I used 1 qt water & 1 qt chicken stock.

Since I used some chicken stock I only added in 1 tsp salt and then just tasted it at the end to see if more was needed.


I also just used 4 chicken breasts instead of a frying chicken cause that is what I had on hand.


I used really cold butter that I cut up and put in the freezer in place of the shortening.


Again my son ate on it the next day til it was gone.

That boy loves him some chicken n dumplin’s!! Winking smilesmiley hungry


  1. See I like chicken and dumplings but Military Husband is all barf. Lol

  2. LOL my son would probably eat it everyday if I made it ;)