Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hi Is Anyone Out There???

I seriously have not blogged since March…WTH is wrong with me???

My only excuse is ever since my laptop died I have been Miss Lucy Lazy Pants Sorry if your name is Lucy and you are not lazy to go up to my desktop to download pics and blog… I know I am the epitome of a lazy a$$!!


9 Funny Lazy Quotes - Minion Quotes

I am still doing my project 365 but there have been some real crappy ones while I have been leaning the ins and outs of manual, back button focus and all that jazz so I am sure ya’ll don’t want to see those treasures. Winking smileCamera

I did make a new watermark for my blog and a brush in photoshop….so there’s that…Embarrassed smile

Anywho spring is here or what we in the south like to call the beginning of Summer so I will be taking lots more pictures and hopefully will get off my lazy butt and blog more.

Ya’ll It is flippin 92 degrees today.. Whyyyyyyyyy SunSunSunSleepy smile At least we have a pool or I would melt.

Pool Open For Summer watermarked

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Man I miss 92! 60 is just not the same Boston, lol.

    1. Oh wow LOL yeah a lot different then living in the south. We had two days of 70's and now we are back into the 80's and it is HOT ;)