Friday, January 19, 2018

Flashy Friday

flashy friday

52 Week Photography Challenge

Since I started this challenge late per usual I am posting weeks 1-3.

Week 1 – Self Portrait

Here you were supposed to use your self timer on your camera to take a selfie. I was gonna cheat cause I have not been feeling the best these past few days and use this one that I took when we were at the river this past weekend.

Shadow Selfie At River (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

But I pulled myself together yesterday and broke out my Nikon remote that I have had for mmmm I’m gonna say 4 months and it was still in the package. Yeah I am not sure why I put off figuring that out for so long cause it took like not even 5 minutes to set up. Anywho here those are in all their glory and my thought process you’re welcome!Winking smile

Self Portrait For 52 Challenge (copyright  Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

“Yep that is not in focus!”

Self Portrait For 52 Challenge (copyright  Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

“Do I even know what I am doing?”

Self Portrait watermarked

“Oh here we go and as good as it’s gonna get!!”

Excuse my hideous hair it was still half wet and I had to cancel my hair appt this week because of the heebeegeebee’s that has taken over my body…being sick sucks!!Crying face

Week 2 – Traditional Landscape

This was pretty easy it just said to shoot a nice landscape and find a nice foreground to focus on and include the sky.

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Nailed it!!! LOL just kidding.

These were just for fun and because hello cute deer jumping around in the woods!!

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Landscape 52 week challenge (Copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles

Week 3 – Red

We were supposed to shoot whatever inspires us with a focus on Red.

This was kinda hard. I had to walk around my house looking for something red that inspires me cause there is definitely nothing red outside right now in this cold. Then I saw it. Ornaments on my Great Aunt Helen’s Angel tree. She inspired me so much growing up. She was so confident in herself and did not take no crap from no one but she was also so young at heart and fun. She lived to be 92 and I miss her everyday!! When she passed away she left me her Angel Tree since I had given her most of the angel ornaments on it in years past for Christmas.

I love this little lady gardener fairy ornament

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

And this cute old cable car

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

But the Angels on the tree are my favorite and there are a bunch!

Inspiration (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

I can feel her presence when I am in that room with her tree and yes I keep it up year round!

Yay I am caught up!! Woot WootParty smile

Happy Friday Ya’ll!Camera

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