Friday, January 26, 2018

Flashy Friday

flashy friday

52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 4 – Headshot

Shoot a “selfie” of someone else.

I was shocked I did not have to do too much begging to get my son to pose for these.

Of course I got the fake cheese like MOM hurry up…

Headshot - My Son-2 (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

This one was better…

Headshot - My Son (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Then he started laughing and those are my favorite because I get his genuine cute smile.

Headshot - My Son-3 (copyright Jenny @ Flutterbye Chronicles)

Happy Friday Camera


Sorry my watermark is so in your face on these but I have had issues with another site taking photos off my blogs. All photos on my blogs are my copyrighted images unless otherwise noted and are not to be used on any other site!! I don’t play when it comes to photos of my child and I will take action if I find them anywhere else!!!

The 52 weeks challenge I am following is one from years ago on Dogwood Photography’s site.

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