Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's all about the Dog.....

Today I am posting about my dog Ginger. She is a Boston Terrier and also the one eyed bandit. My hubby says I love her more than the whole family, but that is simply not true. She is just the only one who will listen to me complain all day and not have anything to say about it. She never talks back or argues:) I mean how can you not love her..

She is a little spoiled, but she was in an accident a couple years back and lost an eye and I just can't help it. We used to have another dog and he went a little nutso one day and we ended up at the emergency vet. Ginger ended up needing her eye removed 2 weeks later and our other dog went to live else where, where he could be an only dog.

Here are some pics of her is all her glory:)


  1. How beautiful!! Of course she'll never be the dog that Higgin's is, but she is a close 2nd!! He he!!

    BTW, we made it home, slid the whole way down the driveway and hit something at the bottom! My heart will be toast after this snowstorm!

  2. Hey, Jenny! Thanks for taking the time to comment today at 2nd Cup. Are you brand new at blogging, because this looks like a new blog, but sometimes people start new ones. About Lost: she was the lady who spoke with Desmond on a park bench and in a store one time. I have no idea who she is, except she's some kind of mystical person.

  3. Also, the puppy is too cute and sad with one eye. Sniff.