Saturday, January 17, 2009

My babies

I did not know exactly how I would start this post, but I thought I should explain my 3 angel babies. I have my 1st baby which is my son who is a blessing and a miracle. We did not know when we got pregnant with him that he would be such a miracle, but soon learned over the years how much of one he is. My first pregnancy was pretty uneventful accept for the all day sickness and the toxemia I got at the end that made be blow up like a blowfish-ughh. I also looked like Freddy Crooger had gotten ahold of me, (ie-stretch marks, which I call blessing marks), from all the water weight I gained when the toxemia came on. Anyway Bub was born and he was just a very handsome little boy. He had colic so it was trying at first, but he was perfect and healthy. I had many problems hormonally after he was born so I was in and out of doctors offices for 2 years having every test under the sun run on me to which they only found out that I had some sort of autoimmune problem but they just could not pin point what. They gave me the go ahead to get pregnant so I got pregnant and 10 weeks later had a miscarriage and it was devastating so that was my first angel baby. I found myself back in the doctors offices and having more tests run only to be told it was probably chromosomal problems with the baby and to try again. I was not about to go thru that again so we waited a couple years tried again and 10 weeks later another miscarriage and my second angel baby. Here we go again to the doctors and all I could get was we will put you on prometrium next time -- all I could think was "ahhh next time do you think I can go thru this again." Well I really wanted a second child so a couple years after that we tried again and this time I made it to 17 weeks, but the baby had died at 14 and that was considered a Fetal death and this was even more heartbreaking than the first two, because I could actually see the baby in the sonogram. And that would be my third angel baby. What made the last pregnancy so bad was we had already told Bub and my husband had to explain to him that the baby did not grow properly and was in heaven. I have since seen my reproductive endocrinologist, who I started seeing right after Bub was born and he thinks I have some sort of blood clotting disorder that only shows up when I am pregnant and cuts off the baby's blood supply and the medications they want to put me on, aspirin and heparin, if I try again could also cause problems with delivery so I am not willing to chance it. I have my miracle child and he is my world and my 3 angel babies are being well taken care of in heaven and are watching over us.
**I changed my son's name in all of my posts to Bub, because I am paranoid like that:)**


  1. hi Jenny, so glad you are blogging! it's a great way to share your story, which by the way is off to a great start, and to hear other's stories of life, good and bad...welcome to the world of sharing!

  2. Oh-How sweet. Your story of your children it really touches me in a way no one could ever know. God bless you!

  3. Jenny Lynn - I have a friend at church that has this same thing. She is currently 39 weeks 5 days with her 5th child. SHe has to take shot of heparin during her pregancy and they watch the baby closely for signs of IUGR also. I will pray for you and that if it is the Lord's will, He will find a way to bless you with another baby!

    In Him,

  4. I just wanted to send you hugs and prayers... I lost many babies before I had my two, and I know how deep the pain runs. I'm so sorry. I know words don't comfort, but please know that you aren't alone, and that I'm keeping you in my prayers.

  5. Jenny - one of my friends had serial miscarriages and was put on the aspirin and herapin shots and delivered twovery healthy twin boys. I have since then learned that this blood clotting disorder is fairly common cause of miscarriage and easily controlled in that way.

  6. I have an angel baby too and understand your sorrow. I should have given birth 2 weeks ago. Instead, I miscarried at 8 weeks. We were shocked to be pregnant since I was 43 and were just getting used to the idea when I lost the baby. Thankfully, we do have two wonderful sons! They are both a blessing (even though one is a teenager and the other is a preteen!).

    Where did you get the Angel Babies button? I love that!

    Hugs and Blessings to you!

  7. thanks first for stopping by my blog for the 'parade'. and second i am so sorry you've had to endure so many miscarriages. we too have three babies waiting for us in heaven, but it doesn't make losing them any less hurtful. thanks for sharing your story about them!

  8. Thank you writing this and I'm sure it hurt. I am so grateful when I read other people's stories because they are brave enough to share.
    When we lost our three each time I was told it was 'nothing', not allowed to speak of it and told I was silly to be distressed. The twin of one is now nearly nineteen and I feel like I am still coming to terms with it all. I have three girls and I am very, very grateful to God for loaning me them.

  9. How heartbreaking for you! So sorry! Very nice tribute to your angel babies though!
    Glad I found your blog and following now. You are very inspiring! All 3 of my boys a blessing too and my youngest a triple miracle. :-)