Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whoever invented the bathing suit should be ........

Why were bathing suits created? I think to make all women dread the summer, atleast the ones that don't look like super models. Me and my hubby are going to the bahamas in a week and 1/2 for a business/leisure trip and I have been on a mad search for a new bathing suit -- ughhh. I always order from Victoria Secret because they have the push up bathing suits and after having a kid you need all the pushing up you can get -- am I right ladies.. Anyway I ordered a bunch a couple weeks ago, tried them all on and was like oh no these are going back. I ordered some more and still they are just all wrong. I thought the lighting was bad in department stores, I think my home is worse. The fact that it is winter, 45 degrees outside and I am white and pasty looking probably is not helping either. I have returned my last order and am now waiting for the arrival of my next order, hoping that I will look decent in one of these. Who knows maybe it won't be very warm and I won't even need a bathing suit -- a girl can dream:).


  1. Like I told you before, John and I went to the Bahamas the first week of February for our honeymoon 7 years ago, and it was NOT warm!

    If you think you are white and pasty, I'll come sport a bathing suit and stand next to you... LOLOL... you'll look all golden and beautiful like you are, but magnified! Me, in a bathing suit.. Ewwww!

    Hahahaha.. .have a good night!

  2. Girl, I would give a big toe to look like you in a bathing suit!! Flaunt it sista!