Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday wrap up

Well this has been a very busy week. Lots of volunteering at the school and running around to prepare for our trip to the bahamas. On top of that hubby has had a pretty stressful week at work so I am ready for next week so he can relax.

The other day I went and got my hair did:

I think I figured out why this is my arch nemesis

because of this, (I think this is Ginger's weakness as well, she stood next to me the whole time I was making them in hopes of getting a tiny morsel, which she did of course).
Isn't she so precious, who could turn down such a face:)

and this, if only I could eat so many oreos and still be that skinny.

I went shopping for these for two days
and ended up with these by the end of my shopping day yesterday. After trying on heels for two days I could barely feel my feet. Needless to say me and hubby will be headed to the mall this weekend.

Then I got my nails done aren't they pretty.. Bahamas here we come:) Hoping hubby has this relaxing look on his face once we arrive. Sorry if I have published like a million times, but everytime I do the pics get all messed up.. ughhh


  1. Sorry guys, I tried to keep the capations with the pics. It just would not let me, so I gave up. If anyone has some pointers I would greatly appreciate it:)

  2. wow, you are gonna have fun! don't worry about the captions, it was close enough!

  3. First, the look on Calebs face is priceless!!

    Second, I would kill to fit into that bathing suit! Ugh!

    Third, I am a tad jealous.....but of course, I luvie Duvie Ya, so have a great time!

  4. It looks like you and hubby are in for a fun week. Yeah, I agree with Patrice, I am just a tad jealous. Hope your trip is fun.