Monday, March 8, 2010

90 days

Are you enjoying reading the Bible this way, in 90 days, than other ways that you may of read your Bible before?
I am enjoying reading the Bible with a definite goal, but I am not sure I will be done in 90 days.
Has it been overwhelming or easy-peezy lemon-squeezy, reading so much scripture each day?
I would not say it has been overwhelming in this sense of the word: image
but it also has not been easy-peezy lemon Squeezy easy
I have to fully understand what I am reading and that means going back and reading something a couple times if I need to, so I am a little behind in my reading. But that is not dwindling my spirits at all, I am just glad that I am setting aside time every day to read the Bible and that in 90 or so days I will have read the whole thing and I am rather proud of myself for that. So pat yourselves on the back, because ya’ll are doing great.
90 Day Bible Journey, Week 6


  1. Great job, Jenny! It is important to understand what we're reading or at least try to! We ARE going to complete this journey!

  2. love all your pics...
    remember...reading the Bible isn't STUDYING the Bible.
    like Dori...just keep reading, reading, reading...make a note on a scripture that you might want to delve in true STUDY time...which takes MUCH longer :)

  3. Jenny you're doing great, and I have to agree with Skoots1mom, make a note of the scriptures that are difficult to understand and go back later and study more.

    But if this is working for you, keep it up and if it takes 100 days, as long as you make it through is all that counts!! :o)