Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I feel exposed


This week was a review week about everything we learned so far.

And the reason I feel exposed is because I am a big dork and totally dropped the ball, because I took all these pics, but I can not for the life of me remember with what ISO, Shutter Speed or Aperture.
Pop over to Lolli’s, Better in Bulk, or Beth’s, Manic Mother, to see more info on photography.
Here are some pics from this past week:

Caleb's 1st soccer game
My sons 1st soccer game

Caleb and Daddy Practicing
Practicing with Daddy, don’t you love the dead grass….I can’t wait for spring

Caleb kicking the ball
This has to be my favorite, I just love his pose after kicking the ball

FCAT Breakfast
(Have I mentioned how much I detest the FCAT test…to much pressure for little kids)


  1. It is so fun to learn from each other...and that breakfast picture is adorable! And it makes me hungry-LOL

  2. Great pictures. And what a cool mom to make such an awesome breakfast!! You are the best.

  3. That is one cool breakfast!! And I don't think you dropped the ball at all. Looks like you just kicked the ball. ;)

  4. Great action shot! and what an amazing breakfast!

  5. I like the last action shot where the ball is a blur. Yummy breakfast...wish you could come make me some pancakes and bacon. :)

  6. Do you still love me even if I don't understand anything you just said? I am like the worst picture taker in the world!