Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One ticket on the Crazytown Express please


This is a rant, so don’t say I did not warn you


I went to Tarjay otherwise known as my favorite store Target this afternoon with my son. He had some allowance money he wanted to spend so we went to the toy section naturally.

He wanted a Nerf gun and when we got to that section they were on sale for $18.99 except for this one section, which were the high falutin ones which were like $34.99 or something. So we spent 20 minutes pondering over which $18.99 gun he was going to get, since he only had $20 and some change.

He finally found one and I made sure before I left the department that we had picked the right one and it matched the sign under it. So we went about our shopping and finally made it to the register.

dadadadum..I should have known by the look on her face that I needed to change registers...but I am idiot that way...

Well I separated our stuff so the check out lady would know that he was paying for it and I gave him his wallet. The Nerf gun rang up $27 and some change, I was like (in my head not aloud) okay none and I repeat none of the signs under any of the nerf guns were that price.

So I said very politely

"that was advertised for $18.99."

Well I must have just royally irritated her because this is the look she gave me


and was like “No we have had this problem all day and it is only specific Nerf guns that are on sale”

to which I said “I am well aware of that because I just spent 20 minutes in the toy department trying to decipher this and I made sure the sign and this particular one matched.” (all the time thinking if they have had this problem all day wouldn’t you think someone would go change the sign and make sure the right toys are with the right sign)

then she said “I will change the price, but I know I am right”…..


Hello what did she just say

okay first of all I used to work at Wowmart back in the day…I know I can’t believe it either…anywho, when you are a check out person it is like common knowledge and taught in all the PR classes you have to take to be a check out lady…yes you read that right you have to take classes and watch videos…

My point : The Customer Is Always Right is like drilled into your head and if there is ever a discrepancy in price you always say politely that you will get a manager to go check the price and never argue with a customer in front of their children or other customers…….That is for the manager to do.

Mind you she was doing all this while my son is standing there with his money out all excited to buy his new toy.

I was livid, but I kept my cool and let her check him out and then check my stuff out and then I said “You really need to get a manager to go check out the Nurf Gun department if you don’t want to deal with this for the rest of your day” with my best I'm trying to be polite, but would really love to chew you out voice.

She said “Well this is not the only product we are having a problem with” Something about New Moon and $5 rebate…

seriously fix the problem then…

then she says “You would not believe how people move stuff around back there and put it in the wrong section and the prices are wrong when they get up here and then at the end of the day we have to clean it up and put everything back.”

To which I responded with a smile “Actually I would because I worked at Wal-Mart”


She then gave me a really big I really don't like you smile and looked at my son and said

"I hope you enjoy that Nerf Gun and you don't have any problems with it." Like we would not be able to return it if we did..

OH MY GOODNESS who peed in this woman's cornflakes this morning.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..I really did not want to end my day like this


I wanted to march over to the customer service desk and talk to a manager to get it fixed, but I was to irritated by this point, but I did do there survey and let them know how I felt.


  1. that is pretty funny-I have found my patience tried way too many times at those check out lines!!

  2. You know, I am probably the only person in the world who is not the hugest fan of Target. I DO adore the clothes. Awesome. I just think they are so snooty there. Like they are WAY better than wallmart. Get over it. That is what I am saying to them in my head. GET OVER IT! : )

  3. Okay...when she said she hopes he doesn't have problems with it..I am thinking she works part of the time in "returns" and knows they are not what they are suppose to be. Yikes...guess I am being paranoid, now.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Yep I couldnt have made it out of the store without talking to the manager!

  5. I am not sure I would have been so patient. I think I would have called for a manager on the spot. BTW, I loved all of your cartoons! You made me laugh today!

  6. Oh no she didn't!!!! I would have peed in her wheaties for saying that. Talk about rude. I think she just accused you of switching prices.

  7. wow. i've never had any experience like that. i worked at a grocery store in high school. it's usually the customer's who are rude. not the cashiers!!

    this is a little off topic, but we had this old man come in a lot and if you asked him if he'd like a bag for that, he'd reply: no, i left her in the car. lol. it was kind of mean, but funny!