Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I started my morning off on the treadmill.


I am hoping doing a little more walking will help my back and my headaches. If I loose a couple pounds that will be a added bonus.

After my little workout I decided to tackle the oil spot in the garage.  My car had a bad leak for a while but we got it fixed for the most part and the rug that was under my car was nasty so I threw it out and googled how to clean up the oil residue underneath it. I put down some litter and a little bit of dry laundry detergent and let it sit while I worked on the guest room some more.


First up moving my white dresser that I have had since I was a teenager from that space in the garage to the hallway. I had to vacuum the heck out of it first.


That thing is a beast. Thank goodness for those furniture mover things.

Next I went and moved all the random stuff that still needed to be organized in front of the closet so I could rearrange furniture.


Ughhhhh I seriously wanted to close the door and call it a day at this point. Crying face

But I still had the beast to deal with.

Tilda was a big help not. I got the dresser turned how I wanted it in the room then moved it to the hallway and realized.



It took a lot of maneuvering to get it into the hallway. Crying face


I finally got it where it needed to be and went to move the book shelf and I think the pictures are self explanatory. Crying face


It literally went from one shelf falling to the whole thing collapsing in a matter of minutes.

I went and got my ole friend skinny cow and took a deep breath. May have said a few choice words!! Annoyed


Stacked everything that I had not sorted and closed the door.


DEFEATED Crying face

Then I walked back to the garage and decided to punish myself some more.

Swept up the litter/detergent concoction.


Then put some more detergent down and sprayed it with water and scrubbed with a toothbrush because I could not find my scrub brush. Seriously who did I tick off today!! Sarcastic smile


All clean and with the old rug down from Bub’s room in case we have anymore oil mishaps.


That’s a wrap!!

My body can’t take anymore today.

Where is my Motrin and heating pad.

I hope you had a more relaxing Tuesday. Winking smile

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