Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Goal

One is in full swing and one not so much.

I decided on New Years Day I was going to try to blog every day this year.


Even If it was just a picture I was going to do it.


You see how well that went!

I do have a good excuse though.


I started out with a headache New Years Eve day and that headache turned into a Migraine that lasted til January 3rd and then turned into a dull headache that I am still dealing with.

I have barometric migraines and we had some system come thru that I guess just grabbed a hold of me and won’t completely let go and quite frankly it stinks.


Brad was on vacation and we could do nothing cause I was in sooo much pain.

But it is getting better and a friend let be borrow her essential oils and that is what I think finally made it dull the headache so I have been using those daily and hopefully it will be completely gone soon. I am also going to the chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully the combo does the trick.


Okay onto the goal that is being accomplished.


We started redoing Bub’s room back at the end of November and that is finally done.

DSC_0579 IMG_4472

          ↓That book shelf is no longer in the room .


Then Brad bought me a closet organizer for Christmas for our guest bedroom which has now kind of turned into Bub’s office since his desk would no longer fit in his room after the big redo.

We got a new desk first off that would match the room better . 


(The old desk got swiped up from the curb before morning!)

and then started on the closet.

I have a hate hate with this closet as can be seen in some of my past posts: Here, Here & Here


It is still a work in progess but I got some bins from dollar tree and started organizing Christmas gifts and stuff for next year and getting all Bub’s school supplies organized. It looks soo much better but I still need to tweak it.


& then there is the room. Ughhhhhh Smile with tongue out!! Can I just close the door and pretend it looks awesome.



Oh and Tilda is having a hard time with this Christmas season being over. The tree is coming down this coming weekend and I think she is going to go into a deep depression.



May the glory of the Lord fill your home with peace and Joy! Have A blessed Epiphany!!


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