Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More organizing

Woke up to another gloomy day. 

I guess the sun only wanted to peek out at sunset last night and that was it for this week :/

So since I wasn't going anywhere today I got to work.

Wanna guess what was first up on my organizing agenda this morning??

At 8 am I might add. I am crazy I know!!!

But my fridge/freezer is all nice and clean now and organized as much a a refrigerator can be.

Next up were all my bags that had my PFA/PVO/Volunteer crap papers in them.

Tilda was my helper. Of course cause she is up my butt lately!

When that was done I had a nice pile of paper to shred but that will have to wait for another day or never.

Maybe we will just burn it in our next fire pit night! Yep that sounds much more fun.

I hate shredding papers!!

Since I was on a roll I decided it was time for a purse clean out.

Everyone has 7 lip products in their purse right??↑
I found 2 more after this photo...don't judge ;)

After that I started to get another lovely headache so back in my yoga pants with my rice pack to watch some Food/DIY shows.

Happy Tuesday!!

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