Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Walking & Playlists

One of my other goals not resolution this year besides getting all comfy cozy with my DSLR is walking everyday for at least 30 minutes. I used to be very structured about this but kinda fell off the wagon when my back was so messed up last year.

Since I do my PT pretty regularly my back is much better so the walking everyday has come back into play.

And since I love to multitask I thought this would be the perfect time to see the real difference between an action photo taken with the built in auto action setting on my camera (Left) and an action photo taken with manual (Right).Pretty big difference right?? But I think I slowed it down a bit too much on the Right one cause it looks like I am standing still. LOL (and yes those are Tilda’s kitty cat babies. They help me stay motivated!!Winking smile)

on the treadmill auto edited with JERFon the treadmill manual edited with JERF

I have added several core workouts over the past several months as well to my PT/exercise which I watch/do daily. You can find them on Tracy Campoli’s YouTube page. I really like how down to earth she is and I love that she has low impact stuff for us back challenged individuals.

Here is my playlist of some of my favorites.

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday! The weekend is almost here!! Party smile