Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Sky Is The Limit


I went out last night to try my hand a photographing the night sky…Let’s just say my camera app for nighttime does a whole lot better then I do with my DSLR. It was bad…

Like just a big blob of black with a orb bad!Crying face

original night sky

So I added some stars in PSE. It’s still my photo and I made the stars so it counts right??? Smile with tongue out

stary night

Then today I was trying to get some light flare which I got a bit of but I wanted to jazz it up.

original sky

So with the help of The Coffee Shop blog I made a little bit artistic.

oil painting texture on sky

I have been following her blog for a while and I love how she goes through the steps to really teach you how to do stuff.

I guess I better enjoy these blue skies cause according to our weatherman we are in for a soggy weekend.UmbrellaLightningEye rolling smile