Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Bring it to you – Super Sunday


I Bring It To You by Jessica Andrews

I Wish For You by Jessica Andrews

God Don't Give Up On Us by Jessica Andrews

Luke 1:37 (New Living Translation)

37 For nothing is impossible with God

Please read “What Your Prayer Shows” on the link below, I did not want to copy it since it appears to be copywrited.  There are many great poems on this page as well.  I also love “Butterflies in Heaven”.


If you would like to link up head over to Peggy's for Super Sunday, Have a blessed day:)


  1. Great links. I loved Peggy's blog too.

  2. Blessings Jenny,
    I really love these songs! I did not know Jessica but I do now & bookmarked her! Thanks!

    I loved both of the poems! I think I can see how the butterfly one touches you but it's just right for the Kayleigh REST post also!

    Sorry, I'm a day late but I did lay hands on you & pray for your lower back pain, hoping that going to the doctor relieves that pain, oohhh how I know that pain...and not being able to sit or lay or walk well. So I'm BELIEVING with FAITH & HOPE & TRUST that God will do all He can and guide you to a place of comfort. But I love your sense of humor & His Word says that is the best medicine! Laughing but praying...

    Thanks for linking up with SUPER SUNDAY but from the looks of it, it wasn't that SUPER nor did many bloggers come visit. sorry:( I just did not have a public cyber open until today. God bless & soothe your pain & heal in Jesus Name!