Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late Mother's Day photos

Bub gave me most of his gifts this past Friday before Mother's Day because he made them at school, here are just two of them. He also made me a card and a little book about how much he loves me.P1040479
0509091748-00 And just to make ya'll laugh, hubby took this picture of me on Mother's Day. I was getting ready for church. Don't ya love the curlers and the Bra showing, seriously.. I can't believe I am posting this but ahahaha, I can laugh at myself.
The funny thing was our preacher was talking about how some Teenage girls and women dress inappropriatly at church sometimes, he put it very nicely and it was comical too.. I love our pastor, but I was thinking oh great I think my bra is showing and everyone behind me is like mmmhmmm she needs to buy some of those strap perfect things advertised on T.V. :) Bub was in the service with us and 1st during offering they did this video on abortion, then talked about the whole dressing thing, then started talking about infedelity...I kept thinking I need to get up and leave with him, but then everyone will be staring at me with my bra straps probably showing, I was so perplexed..ahahahaha. Thank goodness the only thing Bub had a comment about was the whole dressing part of the sermon, he did not see the big deal since Adam and Eve were naked and God did not seem to mind, he must have been zoned out for the rest of it because he did not mention any of the other stuff..

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Please read my post below and pray for Aimee and Adam th_arrow-down


  1. I had a little more discretion on my last post. My son forbid me to post the whole photo. I can't tell you what he said but it was funny. Those self made presents are the best.

  2. To answer your question, short running shorts, too much leg showing, LOL

  3. you crack me up... sweet memories.

  4. Hi Jenny, I am just getting around to answering comments from my blog. You are so welcomed to use the post that you liked on your blog! I feel honored that you liked it!

    Hugs Dear Sweet Friend!