Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I need a nap

Is it sad that this


is all I want to do all day ??  I have been so tired lately and all I want to do is lay around and do absolutely nothing not to mention the thought of school starting back in less than a month makes me feel like this lady


a little anxious and like I want to pull my hair out. 

Shouldn’t my child feel this way and not me.  I detest waking up early for school days, why can’t they start at like 10 a.m., I mean is that asking too much?  They need to think about us, ya know the SAHM’s who want to sleep in and would not mind for the school hours to be 10-4 then we could watch GH without interruptions… not that I would be home to watch it since i volunteer at the school most days, still I would like the 10 a.m. start time.

This is also the first year my son has to take FCAT and I am not looking forward to it….what was wrong with the good ole SAT’s every couple years??  I really detest this test and my son has not even taken it yet.

Don’t get me started on school shopping.  My son has outgrown almost all of his clothes, I made him try on everything in his closet and dresser over the weekend.  We ended up with 2 pairs of pants and 10 shirts that may or may not fit once school starts when we were done. Thank goodness I had just bought him some shorts and a couple t-shirts. Lets hope he does not have a growth spurt in the next 30 days.. That still means I have to hit the store once it starts getting chilly, he has no winter clothes.  I am not sure about the school supply list, when he came home the last day of school he had a bag full of stuff he never opened so hopefully I will only have to buy some stuff here and there for that.

I am starting to see why a lot of ya’ll home school.  No early mornings, the kids and you can wear your pj’s all day if you want (ie: no school shopping) and no FCAT.

Oh wouldn’t that be the life, if I had enough patience I might give it a go. 


**Glad I got all that off my chest….ahh I feel better**


  1. Jenny...I was thinking all those things and you put it in words.......

    My kids there school starts august 16 and today was my last summerholiday....
    Reading your post made me laugh and feel less burdened..


  2. My kids aren't even in school yet and all I want to do is nap too! And oh I long for the days of watching GH again! I SO miss that show, and now that I don't have the soapnet I can't even watch it at night! grr

  3. I for one am looking forward to the kids going back to school! Daniel has way too much down time, and can't stay out of trouble! Hanna's probably happy he's catching some of the heat these days, but they're making me nuts! I seriously need a job!

  4. I'm with you...getting up for school is not really up there on my "Wahoo!!" list. I am NOT a morning person : )

  5. I have been sleeping in till 10:00am, and oh is it going to hurt when school starts, My daughter will want her hair french braided and I'm not shure I could keep my eyes opened for that.

  6. August is definitely a stressful month. I'm over here scrambling to get my son ready, too. It never ends, does it? Ha!