Monday, July 27, 2009


Ginger got stung by something yesterday and came hauling butt squealing like a pig the whole way from the back of our yard.  At first I checked her body over, because usually with her poor vision she will step on a wasp on accident, but I could not find a stinger so I put her down and she seemed fine.  Then about 5 minutes later while I was on the phone with my sister-n-law I noticed this and about freaked out. 

P1050017 P1050022

Since this is her only eye I get very nervous if anything happens to it … she occasionally runs into trees going full speed due to her vision and I have major freak outs about that as well.. I called the Emergency Vet and they told me to give her children’s benadryl and just wait and see.  I also tried to put a cool rag on it, but she was having no part of that.

At first she was following me everywhere, but once the meds kicked in she was a little sleepy and decided it was time for a siesta.


By 9 or so it had gone down quite a bit, but was still puffy and really swollen under the lower lid which made me nervous. Hubs of course said she would be fine.

P1050025  P1050024

Hubs gave her more meds at 11 and this morning it looks to be fine, still a touch puffy, but not like yesterday.  Due to the swelling yesterday I could not see where she had been stung, but today I can see it was on her lower eye lid, so you know that had to hurt.

P1050026 P1050029

I am so glad all she needed was benadryl and some rest, those vet bills for her eye can be a bit pricey…but for Ginger I would do anything☺.

(Her eye is always cloudy from her accident …It's all about the Dog.....)


Please Pray for Stellan, he is in the hospital again and not doing very well.



  1. I was about to say; Ummm that eye still looks bad so thank for telling us that it is always cloudy. Sorry she is hurting. I stepped on a bee the other day and it really hurt.

  2. awwww... poor baby! i'm glad she is doing better!

  3. Aww Poor Ginger, I am glad that she is feeling better!

  4. Glad the pooch is doing better

  5. Awww, poor thing? Isn't it amazing the amount of money we will shell out for our pets? : )

  6. Poor baby. Hope she feels better soon.

  7. Ouchie! Hope she is doing better!

  8. Don't you just love Benedryl?! It is my favorite drug :}

  9. Poor thing. Glad to hear he's better!

    Maria @BOREDmommy

  10. She is doing so much better now, thanks for all of your caring comments :)

  11. Oh wow...I know that freaked you out! I'm glad the pup is ok now. Those fur babies are just like our real ones, huh?