Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let Florida Go and Nobody Gets Hurt

Seriously this cold weather is making me crazy. I can handle a freeze, even a hard freeze for a day or two, but for over a week we have been in the teens and 20’s at night and in the morning. My poor little toes are numb from it being so cold. I was literally drying clothes and using them as blankets til the next load was done yesterday…I’m a genius that way ;) I know quit my complaining, half of ya’ll have snow and are in the single or negative digits, but I am just not used to this type of weather. I would shrivel up and die with the grass if we were to see the single digits, because lets be honest Floridians wear gloves and scarves more for fashion statements then necessity. But there is sunshine on the horizon, we will be getting back to our normal weather this weekend and we can all thaw out.
(frozen fountain—I would go out and take more pics of all the frozen stuff, but I’m under a pile of laundry trying to stay warm)


  1. I live in Indiana, the good news about having below freezing weather is it kills off some bad bugs, and reduces their population for next year.

  2. The good news is that the plants you got from me like the cold. In fact I sent the cold down your way just so they would feel at home. Just kidding. They do like the cold though.

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha HA! I am SO totally jealous that you just have to deal with ice for a few weeks a year. I am SO totally ready for winter to be over. We had a blissful day today of weather in the 40's! I was in HEAVEN! I want spring : ) PS Complain away! Sometimes you just gotta!