Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Dozen

1. How good are you at delaying gratification?
Not so great, in regards to shopping if I see something and I want it I usually buy it if it is a reasonable price…  I am a thrifty shopper so if it is not on sale I usually do not buy it until it is on sale. 
2. Maybe a marshmallow wouldn't be too difficult a temptation for you. What food (or anything else) would be most tempting? 
Macaroni and Cheese
3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being saintly) how patient are you?
4, I am not a very patient person, but I am working on it.

4. Have you ever waited for something in life only to be disappointed upon realization of the goal/object/etc.?
I am sure I have been, but I can’t think of anything at the moment.
5. Are you a person who takes shortcuts?
Depends on what the project is.
6. Which line is hardest to wait in?
Starbucks…..ahahahaha just kidding… I’m not……really ummm probably the lines at theme parks, because you usually have a very grumpy child with you who does not want to wait…..Happiest Place On Earth….Whatever.
7. Did you wait to discover the gender of your unborn child until its birth?
No I had to know because everyone (ahem…Patrice) wanted me to have a girl, but God feels our family just can’t handle that….My poor parents have all grandsons.

8. Are you more patient with children or the elderly?

9. Did you ever sneak a peek at a present?
No, I like to be surprised

10. What is the longest you've ever waited for anything?
9 months and he was worth the wait l_a48284dbb05e4c7a81f4f21735a812a8 .

11. Who has more patience, you or your significant other?
My husband definitely has more patience than me.

12. Which of the following songs about waiting is your pick for the best? (OK, you may substitute another, if you like.)
A) Anticipation by Carly Simon
B) The Waiting by Tom Petty
C) Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx
D) Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James
I guess C, but I also like this song
wait for you by elliot yamin
because of the melody and it’s catchy.  And now that I have listened to it I will not be able to get it out of my head so let’s all dance….
Have A Great Day and Pop Over to Linda’s so we can find out your Random Dozen.


  1. I hear that on the waiting with kids thing. I can wait all day but if I have a screaming child with me it drives me crazy.

  2. Aww, come know you had to know what you were were just as anxious as the rest of us for a girl!! I agree, our world of been rocked upside down with a prissy little girl thrown in with all the boys!!

  3. Macaroni and cheese. Yum! I like anything with cheese. I don't like amusement park lines. Waiting hours for a 5 minute ride? No way. Maybe I'm getting old.

  4. "Working" on patience is great... just don't PRAY for it! I MADE that mistake!

    I started to say the line at an amusement park... but then I thought again!

    And I do agree... macaroni & cheese could be quite tempting.

  5. I'm glad you are back to blogging, you are alot of fun, I loved the life thoughs blog, I'm still laughing about the guess shirt. It sounds like something I would be temped to do.

  6. I said waiting in line for an amusement park ride too. But only because I L.O.V.E. to ride! hahaha. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  7. Enjoyed your answers. Lots of folks put their baby as the longest wait!

  8. I am with Melli don't pray for patience. I made that mistake when my daughter was in about 4th or 5th grade, needless to say it is a wonder she is still alive. lolol
    Enjoyed your answers!

    until next time... nel

  9. I get less and less patience every day!

  10. I do LOVE good mac and cheese. YUM.

    And will you link your email to your blogger profile? I cant respond to your comments in email bc I got 'no reply at blogger' as your email. Boo! lol.

  11. Great answers - I loved #6. Too funny (and true).