Monday, January 11, 2010

Shower Remodel

This is a little late, but our shower was finally completed and I love it.

DSC00797 DSC00891

 DSC00892 DSC00978

 DSC00990  DSC00992

and my favorite part of the shower, the nook….It’s the little things that make me happy ☺



  1. that looks awesome!!! did you do it yourselves or hire someone? I need 3 showers redone at my house...ugh. they have 1950's tile in them. we have remodeled nearly everything else in our entire house, and put those off til last...however, it doesn't seem like it's gonna get done anytime soon.

  2. AWESOME! I know you are enjoying it.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. We did the demo, but hired someone to install everything else. Now I want to redo the rest of the Bathroom and the guest bath. Here's hoping I win the lottery or some distant relative leaves me boocoodles of money in their will ;)