Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30x5 Monday and Tuesday Edition

Here is yesterdays walk. I made sure to get a picture of my foot and myself, so you did not think I paid someone to take pics of my child and walk my dog...because I would never do thatPhotobucket .

Ginger loved her spring time bottled water that my son poured for her. I told him to go get her some water and he went over to the water spicket, but came back with an empty bowl then proceeded to fill it with bottled water. I asked ,"what are you doing", he said ,"I rinsed the bowl out cause it was dirty and now I am getting her water" very-matter-of-fact like I was an idiot.

We interrupt this post for A little break to entice you with some yummy goodness, they are delish..


Here is today's walk. I went with my neighbor Suzanne, we had to walk a little ways apart because I am severely paranoid about Ginger's one eye. Hopefully if we start to walk the dogs together on a regular basis they will eventually be o.k. to walk side by side.

No pics of us today, for one Suzanne would kill me and from the morning I had, see below post, I looked pretty rough this morning. I usually do not allow photos of myself before noon, since I have been known to stay in my sweats or P.J.'s and could scare small children with my hairdo.. Doesn't eveyone stay in their jammies when they have nothing pertinent to do??

Check out Linda's blog today it is hilarious. Have a great day everyone and get out there and do your 30x5Photobucket


  1. Don't all dogs deserve the best water? Water from the hose, pleeeease, that's so yesterday!

  2. I'm sure they will get used to each other, the more we walk them together!

    I love how the pictures of me and the dog also include my "blue bags" with yard treasures! Responsible pet owners always carry the lil bags!

    Looking forward to our next walk with the girls!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Kashi bars!! Always looking for a good snack that won't add inches to my thighs!!