Monday, March 23, 2009

Remodel and a Dilemma

I know everyone has been about to chew their nails off in anticipation of the big room reveal I mentioned a few posts back…. What you haven’t been…really??? Well, anyway I hope I don’t disappoint the 1 person that was actually looking forward to it:)

This was the before, notice the bed
that was all on this oversized monstrosity.
I wanted this to be gone from my home for good, but hubby had a brilliant idea that it should go in our sons room, to which I responded no, no and um nooo…but for the sake of proving him wrong I went along with his little plan and in the end I must admit, although it is hard, I was wrong. I know I can’t believe it either. It does look pretty great in there and he needed it because his little bookshelf was not cutting it anymore, don’t ya hate it when hubby’s right..ughh.
As Niecy Nash from clean house would say my guest room was a “Hot Mess”. I love her as the host and wish they would quit trying to bring people on to replace her because no one can replace Mrs. Niecy. O.K. I got a little sidetrack, but I love me some Clean House and I wish they could have come and fixed this one room. Any who this is what the weekend entailed…I had gone to Tarjay last week in a quest to find some pieces to match the wardrobe in the room. It was Brad's Grandmothers and I love it.
I found two that I thought would look good, so hubby had to put them together since I usually put things together and then realize the bottom is on the top or vice versa:{..

And here is the finished product

But now here is my dilemma, I have tons of schoolwork and I have gone thru piles like this since last summer and still have a ton left..
It seems like every time I go thru it I feel like I am getting somewhere and then I look at the pile and it seems to have only gone down an inch in height. I don’t want to throw away his artwork, but on the same token where am I going to store it? I have a real dilemma:(

On top of that every time I open this closet I want to curl up in a ball or run screaming from my house.
Did you hear that thud? That was My sister-n-law falling out of her chair in complete shock. I am a little bit of a neat freak and you wouldn't think I would have a closet like this.. The shame...ahahaha:), but my guest bedroom and this closet is where everything I could not find a place for went. Until now that is because I can't stand it anymore. I absolutely hate this closet and I believe is dislikes me as well because stuff falls out of it or on me every time I open it… I guess I need some closet organizers or something; I tried with the two cabinet thingies to no avail.

How do you organize your children’s schoolwork and bookoodles of Art that come home every week?? And help me please with my hideous closet:)

**If you have never seen Clean house check it out **


  1. First of all, I have to tell you that I am in love with the armoir. It is gorgeous!!

    Secondly, I feel for you and your pile of "art". My boys aren't really old enough to have all of that yet but I am already in the habit of throwing it away : ( My mom saved all of my stuff and I found that I never really looked at it and it was just cluttering up my storage space, so I chunked it too. Sad, but I just can't afford to keep everything.

  2. i really try to keep stuff that has some sort of memory attached to it or that is extra super art, and trust me this was hard since my son has drawn nearly everyday of his life and alot of them are good. i would go crazy if i kept them all. i try to put my favorites in that year's scrapbook, and i also have a file that has each grade and i put them in there and later i pick out the ones i just cannot bear to part with and throw the others away. it's hard. :(

  3. Okay - thrid times a charm!!!! I usually keep it all in one big box in the garage until the end of the school year. Then I weed through it and keep a few of the really good things and throw out the rest, cause honestly, they probably won't give two hoots about it when they're older. I've framed some of the really really good ones. Or you could put them into a scrap book type thing. Anyhoo - I keep them all in a really sturdy airtight container in the attic so they're out of my way. Then in 10 years, when I'm having empty nest syndrome, I can lug it all down and cry myself silly.

  4. I weed through papers daily - I have learned to not keep everything. With five kiddos we would be surrounded in papers and projects. I have one folder that I save a little here and there for each year . . . including pictures, notes from the teacher and report cards.

    Love the "new" room!

  5. Thanks for the tips. I need to know your easy way of doing scrap booking Darla??

  6. Tisk, tisk......remember that day that you loaded the back of Jerm's truck with piles of STUFF you said that I did not need, including boxes of school work that I was hanging on too??? It is time. Shall I come down and help?? Ahahahahaha!