Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

March's assignment: Sports and Recreation. It's time to dig deep into those photos and find some pictures of yourself or your kids playing a sport, dancing, ice skating, playing chess...or darts...or pool...or whatever it is that floats your boat.

I have tried to find a pic of hubby playing sports as a child, but have come up with zilch, zero, zip. Brad played a lot of sports, but we don't have many photos of him as a child, they are at his Uncles or Dad's... Note to self: I need to get copies of those pics made soon. Anywho this is the only sports related photo I could find:

Wrangling a Gator:

Visit Melinda at Bloggin' It From the 'Burbs if you would like to join in:)


  1. You and your gator pics...too funny! I love that this is considered sports and recreation to you. : )

    Glad you joined in!

  2. how funny! i love it! I have a picture of my husband trying putting our son in the mouth of a gator! (it was a fake gator)