Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writers Workshop: Hurtful Words

These were the prompts given on Mama's Losin' It Writers workshop:

  1. Discuss an intense game of Pictionary that you spent most of Saturday night arguing with your family about, only to log in to your email account two days later to find 35 emails between said family regarding aformentioned game and rules.

  2. Tell about a time you hurt somebody that still bothers you to this day.

  3. The one that got away....spill it.

  4. What inspired you? Write about a time when you were impassioned to write.(

  5. What happened in the last year? Write about something you can do now that you couldn't a year ago. (

  6. Write about the event that was the end of your childhood

I decided to write about #2, since I don't play pictionary, I don't care about the one that got away, I am not a natural writer, Nothing fascinating happened in the last year that left me with a new skill, and what ends childhood for all women (Greg Cover your ears)--The Curse, Aunt Flo, The big P word:)

The person I hurt was one of my best friends, Mindy. We were childhood friends and next door neighbors. When we were 20 we were room mates and had lived together for a year. We had not been seeing eye to eye on several things, mainly bills, and I decided to move out and we got into a huge fight. On the day we were moving out of our apartment we both said some not so nice things to each other in the parking lot. I can't really remember all that was said, but we both left hurt. I did not speak to her for almost a year and it really ate away at me. We did finally make everything right and went back to our friendship as if nothing happened. Mindy passed away August 2007 and that is why it still bothers me, because I feel I was cheated out of that year with her because of something so petty.


  1. I think we have all said and done things we wish we hadn't! Your story makes my heart sad - I wish you had that year back too.

  2. What a sad story! I am so sorry!

  3. thanks for sharing that. it's good to see that we need to move on with those we've hurt or been hurt by, because time is precious and so are people. it's funny how we can get the maddest about the pettiest things. believe me, i've done it. very recently even.

  4. I could come up with two answers to this same question but I really don't want to put them on my blog. I will just say that I am sorry Karen and Susan. Please forgive me.

    I don't have an aunt Flo so I am not offended. In fact I am seldom offended period. :)