Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I got my fishful thinking newsletter yesterday and I have to agree we all could use a little more joy in our lives:)

If spring were a feeling it would be joy. The burst of color, the return of flowers and birds, less darkness, more sunlight — just taking a walk around my neighborhood makes me feel exuberant, playful, happy. Joy is an important emotion to cultivate in your family. The feeling of joy brings cheerfulness, zest, a sense of optimism and hope — it makes us want to move and dance and be with others. And research on positive emotions, including joy, shows that joy not only feels good, but it also builds important resources. Positive emotions help facilitate resilience, they contribute to creative thinking, and they help maintain social connections. Having more joy in your family isn't hard. All it requires is an awareness of what brings each member of the family joy and then carving out time to devote to those activities.

By: Dr. Karen Reivich On behalf of the Goldfish® Brand Team
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  1. Joy, a good thing that we all need a little bit more of - Praise God the joy of the Lord is our strength :)

  2. Joy is a great feeling. When I am really happy, everyone can tell and it spreads like wildfire.