Friday, April 17, 2009

Tag Your it

I have been tagged to do this meme of "Eights" by H-Mama @ Family Team, you will like her blog, she is a real sweet person so go check it out when you get a minute:) So here goes memememeeee, ahem: I forget what Linda said meme meant, hold on a second, o.k. I'm back it means: Memes are conduits of sameness. That is, they're thematic in nature. We're answering the same questions that have no right or wrong answers! The same! La meme! Go check out this link to see the whole explantion Viva La Meme

8 things I am looking forward to...

  • Summer Vacation
  • The Beach
  • Swimming
  • Finishing my 30x5 having lost a few pounds so I look somewhat decent in my bathing suit for all the summer fun
  • Starting on my scrapbooks when school is over with all the art work and papers from this year--I have to start at Pre-k though so this will be a task.
  • Family time outside grilling and swimming.
  • Spending time with friends I have not gotten to see during the school year
  • Did I mention Summer Vacation:)

    8 things I did yesterday...

  • Tried to convince Bub it would be a fun day at school, to which he was not buying anything I was saying
  • Set up for the honor roll cookout
  • Served honor roll lunch
  • Ate lunch
  • Helped take down honor roll cookout
  • Checked Bub out and took him to the Dentist
  • Chick-Fil-A (dinner) and Grocery
  • Checked my blog, facebook, tried the whole twitter thing again--I don't get it??

    8 things I wish I could do...

  • Sing, I think that is such an awesome gift to have
  • Get a new camera so I can take better photos
  • Make Hubby's life less stressful
  • Not be so stressed myself
  • Go on another vaca to the carribean
  • Organize my guest bedroom closet.. Just can't find the motivation
  • Keep my son young a little longer, He is growing up so fast
  • Protect all the children and animals from the harsh world we live in, but I can pray for them and God will protect them for me

    8 shows I watch...

  • One Life To Live
  • General Hospital
  • Jon & Kate +8
  • LOST
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Food Network, any and all shows
  • HGTV, any and all shows
  • E, it is addictive, I usually only watch E News to see what crazy stuff the celebrities are getting into these days:)

    8 people I tag... I know I did 9, I can't count :)

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    Melinda @ Bloggin' It From the 'Burbs
    Suzanne@ Kinko Springs Tales
    Tracey @ Mi Vida Loca
    Jeanette @ Our crazy kids... I mean life!
    Julie @ Welcome to Welcome to My World . . . Come, Sit Down and Visit for a While!
    Annette @ MeMe's Ink
    Beth @ An Instrument 4 His Glory
    Bernice@ My Journey


    1. Thanks for playing. I enjoyed reading it! I'm with you on HGTV... It's hard to just pick one show. :)

    2. This was fun! I am going to save the meme and do it on my blog one day when I'm having a blog fog and can't think of anything to write!

    3. This was fun. Thank you for asking us to play along

    4. This is going to be fun. I need to give it some thought and then post it this weekend.

      Thanks for including me!Only thing is I don't watch TV because we don't have cable or anything, but I guess I could list some shows I watch on DVD..