Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday & 30x5


30 x 5 UPDATE:

I think these Seals have been sending me subliminal messages all day:

Them:"Be one of the snobby girls and don't do that 30x5 today, I mean there is always tomorrow right?"

Me: "No I will walk when Bub get's home."

Them: "Oh please he is not going to want to do that"

Me: "Oh yes he will" , "Bub you want to go for a walk with Mom",

Bub: "Maybe later, eye roll"

Me: "o.k., we will go when it gets cooler"

Bub: "eye roll, sure mom"

Them: "He is not going to go, just blog and facebook some more, we told you there is always tomorrow"

Me: "Hush please, lalalalala"

O.k. now that ya'll all think I should be committed to the funny farm for talking to myself them, I caved to the snobby Seals, I still want to go walking but it is getting late and I don't see it happening unless hubs will go with me later, because Bub has bailed on the whole idea as of now to partake in swinging outside. There is always tomorrow right?


  1. Those two really are snobs. I have seen them before and they always have that same attitude. LOL We should ignore them and see what they do. :)

  2. Such a cute picture...the children enjoyed it too!

  3. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! I just created a draft post with that in it earlier today. It is the greatest song ever.

    Well, I did walk today, but I know how you feel because I didn't do much for the last 30 x5. Just do our best. And those seals are just jealous cause they'll never look as good as you. :)

  4. Those seals cracked me up at Seaworld, they would not even eat the fish people were throwing at them. I am glad the kids got a good laugh Shonni. And yes we should ignore them Greg;)

    Thanks Kelly:) Bub ended up going for a walk with me, funny when it was time for his bath he remembered that we were supposed to go for a walk.