Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby Lips

Can someone explain this to me

These Maybelline BabyLips are all the rage lately so I grabbed the pink one on the left which is pink punch the other day at Tarjay and opened it right up then read the package. Stupid on my part yes ;)

My question why would you have a moisturizing lip balm with no SPF? 

So I went out and bought the one on the right which is quenched and it has SPF 20....huh

So I go back to the packaging thinking I clearly can not read

Nope no SPF, well at least not on the label?????
(Side note the pink punch smells like the red Hi-C Fruit punch so if you are not a fan of that smell this may not be for you or me. I keep trying to wear it and I can not get past the smell.)

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