Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Makeup And Other Ramblings

About a month ago I started researching make-up on YouTube because most of mine was getting old and I really needed some new products that would work with my skin.  I have combination skin but mostly oily if I do say so myself and as I have gotten a bit older wiser I have also started developing sensitivities to certain products with SPF and some Talc products. Not all products but some actually make my skin feel like it is on fire and I have to wash it off right away.

Like Total Effects from Olay.  I loved this stuff and had used it for a couple years. I
ran out and went and bought some more and they must have changed the makeup because my skin immediately felt like it was on fire and my eyes started burning and watering and I did not even put it near my eyes :( 

By the way Olay was awesome when I contacted them just to let them know and that others on Amazon reviews were having the same issue with this product and they sent me a gift card. Kudos to them for good customer service.

So anywho I went out on the hunt for a new moisturizer with SPF but could not find one I thought would work for me but I did find this stuff and I love it minus the SPF. My Mom even went out and got her some after she tried mine.

Sorry I got a little off track....back to my hunt for Make-up.

I decided first thing first I needed to clean out my cabinet and get shed of all the old stuff.
Tilda decided she would help with the clean up festivities.

Realized I may have a slight addiction to hair products. This was not even half of them (FYI love got2b smooth operator and Catwalk weightless shine spray by TIGI)

So onto my hunt on YouTube:

Oh my......Am I right or what but when you get on YouTube you start off on one video

then you end up here and here then you pop on over to here, here, here here and your whole day is shot to you know where in a hand basket and you are royally confused on what products you need in your arsenal of beauty products.

Well I found and tried lots but these are the ones that are my favs for the moment.
And before you say whoa you spent a lot of money.  I got a lot of these during the Ulta daily deals and some of the travel/sample sizes they sell at Sephora near the register, which I love cause you can try it out first before you spend the big bucks.

I also got a couple primers in regular and travel/sample size to try out.  So far not sure about any of them.  The whole my pores are smaller effect just has not happened yet and I am not sure it ever will with my old wise age.

Anyway after I went to the store and racked up on new make-up I got this little caboodle case to put all my goodies in so my cabinet did not become the hot mess it once was.

And Wala! A clean cabinet with make-up and moisturizer that won't burn my face.

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  1. You did a great job on this vlog and you have some great makeup tips. :)

  2. You seem so stressed about makeup. You should try one of the BB creams that does double or triple duty so that you don't have to worry about as many products.

  3. Not so much stressed out but overwhelmed with all the products they have out on the market now.

  4. I am so clueless on the makeup that is out there on the market and I don't much wear it other than lipgloss and occasional mascara. I thought you did give some great tips though.

  5. Aww thanks for stopping by. I am no guru that is for sure. I have been using bare minerals for years which takes no effort, but decided it was time to switch it up ;)

  6. Please come to my house and make-up me. For real...I'm not kidding.