Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Body Scrub

The other day I was out to eat with my parents and son at Cracker Barrel and saw this

I had been looking for a different sugar scrub and thought oh this will be nice for summer with a coconut smell. I flipped it over and at $15 bucks I put it back cause I have sensitive skin and never want to pay a whole lot for something I may only be able to use once.

Anywho a couple days ago I saw it at Tarjay cause I am there everyday and it was on sale. Still pricey at $9.99 but I figured that was a heck of a lot better than 15 bucks.

First off I should have taken the little metal protector thing off before getting in the shower cause it was a pain in the rump to get off.

The little pull thingy came off and it was a hot mess but I persevered.

It smelled like German chocolate cake. Yum. I thought it was funny cause the packaging said this:
It is super thick and a bit greasy feeling.

Don't get me wrong it works good to exfoliate and soften the skin but you better be careful or you will end up on your booty cause it makes the shower slick. I kinda think most sugar scrubs are like that though.

Overall I liked it and I will use it cause it was not cheap but I think I will be going back to the bath and body works aromatherapy scrubs. Although they are not cheap either they always have coupons or buy two get one specials.

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