Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tidbit Tuesday

Tonight is my sons Jr. High Orientation.

He is already in some Jr High courses through virtual classes and  we need to try to plan his schedule since he has already completed some of the courses he should be taking next year.

So yesterday I was asked the question by the counselor, “What track are you planning for your child in high school? Are you going to be planning for AP, IB or just some advanced courses”. I swear you could probably hear crickets


I was like Um, Well, Um, I Don’t Know.

He is not even out of Elementary school. He is not even a teenager. Although his hormones have already started to rear their ugly head I have no clue what he will be like in 3 years or if he will even want to be in advanced anything.  He will probably be thinking about girls, what he is going to be doing this weekend, or how he is going to pull a fast one past Mom and Dad.

Ughhh…Decisions, Decisions. Anyone else feel like their kids are pushed to grow up to fast?  I don’t remember having to make all these big choices when I was going into Jr. High.

Parenting…Most difficult job you will ever have.

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