Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Thursday

Yesterday I was looking for a really pretty metallic like pink nail polish and after looking through all the choices at Wally World, Hellmart, whatever you wish to call it I picked up the Hard Candy nail polish in Crush On Pink.  (my son actually made the hard call there were to many pretty colors.)
Definitely a thumbs up 2
I used this color on all my nails accept my ring finger.  I tried out the Sation in Of Course I’ll Call You I got from my April Ipsy box and put Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light on top of it.  Very pretty combo I think.
Look at the pretty color and not the fact I stink at painting my nails Winking smile. Why do I get it all over the place?
My sons thumbs up 2 for this week is the Jimmy Dean Delights.  He loves them.
But he gave the big thumb down2 to the regular Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches.
I guess I should be very pleased he loves the healthier version more.

So what are your thumbs up and thumbs down for the week?

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  1. I suck at painting nails too! I am such a bad girly mama, I suck at nails and hair.