Saturday, April 27, 2013

They are on my list


This happened about two weeks ago and it still ticks me off.

I placed a large order with Aeropstale during one of their 1/2 off shorts + free shipping for orders over $100 promotions.

The guys needed shorts so I wanted to get the order in Saturday since the offer expired Sunday.

Well I have my Iphone, Kindle, Computer near me all weekend.  I check my emails all the time. Not once did I get a special promotion on Sunday about a $40 off a order of $150.

No I got that email Monday morning saying it went through Sunday @10 pm.  The promotion ran from Sunday at 7pm-6am Monday.

I got the email at 7 am when I woke up Monday Morning. ErrrrrrSteaming mad

Had I got the email Sunday before or at 7pm when the promotion started while my order was still in processing I would have cancelled and repurchased so I could get all the discounts.

I contacted Aeropostale and was told sorry my email server did not send it thru in time and there was nothing they could do.  REALLY even the low man on the totem pole managers in the stores can do better then that.

So they are now on my LIST of stores I am not shopping at for a while…I won’t say never cause I have a preteen and I know he will want clothes from there, but I will try to sway him toward Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Old Navy or anywhere besides Aeropstale.

photo (10)

Oh I forgot to mention I got this free pair of butt ugly glasses

photo (11)

Whoever thought these were cute needs to be fired ASAP.

My receipt off the website said these are $19.50. Who in the heck would pay that for these.  I would have rather that $19.50 been taken off my order.

Okay stepping off my soapbox now.

Have a wonderful Saturday.


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